Brownells/EOTech CQB T-Dot Review

Based in the popular EXPS2, the Brownells/EOTech CQB T-Dot Holographic Sight provides the shooter with a 7-yard, 50-200 yard and 500-yard aiming points.  Equipped with a quick detach lever, this sight is ready to mount on the rail of  your AR style rifle right out of the box.  With a 7mm riser factory-installed, the CQB T-Dot Holographic Sight allows lower 1/3 co-witness.

The CQB T-Dot reticle calibrated for 5.56MM ammunition. The center 1MOA dot is the 50 and 200 yard aiming point. The 1 MOA dot below provides the correct point of aim for 500 yards. The “T-Dot” on the bottom provides a 7 yard aiming point.
Graduated windage and elevation adjustments are easily made with a coin or spent cartridge case on the right side of the optic.
Reticle intensity and turning the power on and off are accomplished on the left side of the sight.  This allows the user access when used in conjunction with a magnifier.  Note the QD lever that secures the sight to the rifle.

Mounting the optic to our 300 AAC rifle, we used the “T-Dot” to zero at 7-yards.  Once this was established, we confirmed our zero at 50-yards and began our evaluation by shooting Paul Howe’s CSAT standards.

Howe’s CSAT standards are shot from the low ready position with the muzzle below the belt, rifle on safe and shooter looking downrange at the target.  The target, typically a CSAT target (modified IPSC target with a bold black line around A and B boxes) can also be an IPSC cardboard target, as it was in this case.  All hits must be in the “A” zone and within the allocated time for the standard.

CSAT standards were fired with Remington 125 grain OTM loads

  • Standard 8, 5 kneeling at 50 yards: Times ranged from 14.25-17.10 seconds
  • Standard 1, 1 shot in 1 second at 7 yards: .92, .75, .65, .66, .70 and .61 seconds (average time of .72 seconds)
  • Standard 2, 2 shots in 1.5 seconds at 7 yards: .92, 1.01, .89, .96, .90, and .97 seconds (average time of .94 seconds)
  • Standard 2/1, 2 to the center box, one to the head box at 7 yards in 1.7 seconds: 1.48, 1.73, 1.35, 1.47, and 1.40 seconds (average time of 1.49 seconds)
  • Standard 3, 5 to the center box, one to the head box at 7 yards in 3.0 seconds: 2.14 seconds

We really were impressed with the CQB T-Dot.  Using a CR-123 battery, the CQB T-Dot has a battery life of approximately 600-hours.

Over the years we have noticed the 1 MOA dot of the EOTech serves many shooters well at 200-yards plus.  The additional 7 and 500-yard aiming points are a nice addition.

Well built, reliable and reasonably priced; the CQB T-Dot Holographic Sight is available from Brownells.