Building a Custom 6GT Rifle

July 31, 2021 Bill Marr 0

I’ve been in the shooting business since the late 1990s. While there has always been a seemingly continuous rollout of new and better cartridges, it seems like the frequency of introductions has increased in the […]


Removing a stuck Remington 700 barrel

February 28, 2021 Bill Marr 0

I pull (unthread) rifle barrels from actions on an almost daily basis. Often, most of the most stubborn actions can be removed with the proper barrel & action vise and a little bit of effort. […]


Building a custom sawed-off shotgun

November 22, 2020 Bill Marr 0

In this post, we are going to look at building a short barreled (sawed-off) shotgun. Obviously, taking a hacksaw to any side by side shotgun will work, but it may also land you in jail. […]


Customizing a Remington V3 Shotgun

November 21, 2020 Bill Marr 0

Remington has an excellent reputation for the 870, 1100 and 11-87 shotguns. While the “newer” Veramax and V3 shotguns, with a double gas piston system similar to the one found on the Benelli M4, haven’t […]


Recrown a Mosin Nagat rifle

October 30, 2020 Bill Marr 0

In this post we are going to take a look at how to repair the muzzle of a Mosin Nagat rifle that has been damaged. This is how the rifle showed up at the shop. […]


Type 56 SKS Paratrooper Conversion

August 16, 2020 Bill Marr 0

I believe the SKS may be one of the most under appreciated rifles of the modern era. The inexpensive and robust carbine, chambered for the ubiquitous 7.62×39 cartridge, is reliable, accurate enough, and easy to […]