Porting a shotgun barrel with a drill

January 17, 2014 Bill Marr 0

Porting a shotgun helps decrease muzzle rise and felt recoil.  I decided to port the 18.5″ barrel on my 870 Remington shotgun.  This is a quick and easy project that requires minimum tooling. I ordered […]


7 Tactical shotgun upgrades

July 27, 2013 Bill Marr 0

While it is larger then a pistol and recoils more then a carbine, the shotgun has earned a place for home defense, law enforcement, and limited military use.  The shotgun is versatile, firing a wide […]

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ViperSkins upgrade for A.I.C.S

February 3, 2013 Bill Marr 0

We’ve been fans of the Accuracy International Chassis System (A.I.C.S.) since its introduction.  This robust stock provides shooters a solid platform for their precision rifles.   The only downside we’ve found is the the thickness, weight and ergonomics of […]


Choke tube installation

February 2, 2013 Bill Marr 0

Recently we decided to install “Rem-Choke” style removable choke tubes on two of our barrels.  In our “3-Gun Competition Shotgun Build” article, we installed the tubes manually, without a lathe. All lathe work is conducted […]