Remington 700 Tactical .308 AAC-SD Review

Remington 700 AAC 308
“The Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD is a fast handling, accurate, lightweight, entry-level precision-rifle which is capable of sub MOA accuracy…”
Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD .308

The Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD .308 rifle, provides precision shooters an entry level option that is threaded for a muzzle brake or suppressor from the factory.  The matte blue, 20″ 1:10 barrel and action are set in a Hogue® Overmolded Ghillie Green™ Pillar Bedded Stock.  The stock, with its exterior rubber construction, a comfortable recoil pad and two quick detach studs, one at the front for a sling and/or a bi-pod and an additional one at the rear; provides shooters with a comfortable grip in all weather conditions.  The rifle is fed via an internal magazine with a hinged aluminum floor plate.

The adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger came in just over 3.5 pounds from the factory.  We didn’t bother to adjust it since we find factory triggers tend to improve over time.  There was a little bit of creep and over travel, but this was acceptable for a factory rifle and it still produced good results in the field.

The rifle weighs 7.3 pounds and is 39 5/8″ long; quite light and compact for a precision rifle.

Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD on the firing line.

We selected a Badger Ordnance Maximized 20-MOA cant Picatinny rail and standard height maximized 30-mm rings to mount a Leupold Mark-4 3.5-10x40MM M3 TMR scope.  We recommend the Leupold M3 cams for shooters that are new to long range shooting.  While the 1-MOA adjustments of the M3 may seem coarse to some; we like the M3 turrets, which are cut for the 168 Federal Gold Medal load.   We have found this load to be accurate to 1,000 yards with 20-26″ barreled rifles.   Note that on some rifles, we have seen the need to add 1-MOA to the factory yardage marks past 600-yards.

Close up view of the Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD bolt handle and safety.  This picture provides the best view of the Hogue® Overmolded Ghillie Green™ Stock’s color.

Live fire testing was conducted on a 89F day with 71% humidity and quarter value 5-10 mph winds at 100-yards.  All rounds were fired prone, with a Harris bipod and rear bag.   Ammunition was Federal Gold Medal 168 grain match ammunition.  Groups sizes ranged from .605″-1.003″, with an average size of .808″.  Eliminating the largest group, average accuracy at 100-yards was .775″.  This is pretty impressive for an entry level factory rifle.

This was the first and largest group we shot with the 700 AAC. Prior to this, we had utilized our laser boresighter to fire one confirmation round at 50-yards and gain a coarse zero.  The top left hole was the first round we fired for this group.
Remington 700 AAC with Federal 168 grain Gold Medal at 100-yards.
.694″ group with an average group size of .808″.  We were really impressed with the accuracy of this entry level rifle.


Utilizing our MagnetoSpeed VI Barrel mounted chronograph, we recorded an average velocity of 2561FPS and a standard deviation of 25.  Complete external ballistics are found here 1682561.

700 AAC Federal 168 grain SMK data.


  1. The Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD is a fast handling, accurate, light weight, entry-level precision-rifle that’s capable of sub MOA accuracy.  It offers shooters a solid value in the precision rifle market.
  2. We were impressed with the lightweight of the rifle even when equipped with a relatively heavy scope, base and rings.
  3. The threaded muzzle with thread protector allows shooters to upgrade to a suppressor where allowed by law as well as easy installation of a muzzle brake.
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