CZ P-10C review

CZ P-10C Review

I managed to get some quality trigger time behind the CZ P-10C.  Billed as the “Glock 19 killer” in a few forums and reviews, the CZ P-10C is a striker-fired compact polymer pistol with a 15+1 capacity (17+1 with extended magazines). Before I wrote this post I spent a few hours reading reviews of the CZ P-10C online.  Nearly every review compared it directly to the Glock 19.  I decided that I was going to avoid this at all cost. However, once I started typing I ended up making the same direct comparisons I had wanted to avoid.  Let me apologize in advance, the Glock 19 is the benchmark to compare this pistol to.

The CZ P-10C shares many features in common with the Glock 19 (above, you could say that about any of the polymer pistols that dominate the marketplace). When you look at the CZ P-10C, you notice smooth lines typically found on a compact pistol like this. The trigger has an integrated safety-lever and breaks cleanly for a striker fired gun with a positive reset. The magazine and slide releases are located on both sides for ambidextrous operation. The magazine and release are constructed of steel.

The sights are fairly rudimentary, have a low profile; but they work pretty well. Shooting the CZ P-10C was a pleasure.

After some familiarization firing, I took it out for a 30 round qualification course that is shot from 25 yards and in. I scored a 100-25X.  This was a few more “X” hits than I scored with my Gen 4 Glock 19 a few minutes before I fired it. I found the gun easily controllable and accurate. Reliability seems to be there. Disassembly requires the removal of six roll pins, this may make the gun a no go for agency level users where PM is required, however, for the typical civilian end user; it likely isn’t an issue.

My thoughts on the CZ P-10C:

  • Shoots well.  I actually shot this gun slightly better than a Glock 19 and I’ve been shooting a Glock 19 almost weekly since the late 90s…
  • Nice trigger.  For a polymer gun the trigger breaks nicely and has a strong positive reset.  I like it a lot.
  • Steel mags.  Believe it or not this took a little getting used too.  The magazine release button is steel and firm, harder to depresses than a G4 Glock, but works well.  It is important to mate a steel part with a steel magazine.
  • New sights?  I shot the gun well from the factory but think it would benefit from a new set of sights.

I really liked the CZ P-10C, if you get a chance to shoot one, give it a try.