Standards’s Shotgun Buckshot Standards

July 16, 2011 Bill Marr 1’s Shotgun Buckshot Standards The buckshot standards are used to evaluate patterning. Stage 1, patterning. Using a clean cardboard target at 7, 15 and 25 yards fire one round center mass.  Measure the extreme spread of […]

Standards’s Shotgun Slug Standards

July 16, 2011 Bill Marr 0’s Shotgun Slug Standards This is the’s tactical shotgun standard course-of-fire we use to evaluate handling and shooting characteristics of tactical shotguns.  The standards require a shotgun, 10 slugs and an IDPA target.  Use […]


Dewey AR-15/M-16 Field Cleaning Kit

July 15, 2011 Bill Marr 0 Review:  Dewey AR-15/M-16 Cleaning Kit Pull-through cleaning kits have been around for some time.  Lately, they seem to be gaining popularity.  The obvious advantage of this kind of kit is the small space they […]


Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun Build

July 6, 2011 Bill Marr 6

  Tactical Remington 870 Build UPDATE: To improve patterning, see our post on lengthening the forcing cone and back boring here UPDATE: Scattergun Technologies Trak-Lock II Sight Installation is here UPDATE: Vang Comp Systems ghost […]

Bullet Selection

The .300 WSM – – The End of History?

July 2, 2011 Bill Marr 0’s Classic Series- Select timeless articles republished for today The .300 WSM – – The End of History? by The tracker spotted them first.  The PH looked with his binoculars for awhile then motioned me […]