Remington 700 Sendero SF II 300 Win Mag Review

October 21, 2012 Bill Marr 0

Remington-700 Sendero SF II .300 Win Mag Review Featuring a 26″ fluted, heavy contour, free floated, 1:10 twist, stainless barrel (.820″ OD at muzzle), stainless steel action, recessed target crown and HS Precision stock with […]

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Remington 700 Tactical .308 AAC-SD Review

August 11, 2012 Bill Marr 0

“The Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD is a fast handling, accurate, lightweight, entry-level precision-rifle which is capable of sub MOA accuracy…” The Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD .308 rifle, provides precision shooters an entry level option that is threaded […]

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35 Whelen: That Whelen Fellin’ Again

June 23, 2011 Bill Marr 2’s Classic Series- Select timeless articles republished for today 35 Whelen: That Whelen Feelin’ Again by Once in a while, after you’ve played with all the new rifles long enough, a wave of nostalgia washes […]

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The 270 in Africa

June 23, 2011 Bill Marr 1’s Classic Series- Select timeless articles republished for today The .270 in Africa by We had been hunting Waterbuck for three days and my mind was recollecting magazine photos of happy hunters with dead Waterbuck. […]


FN SPR A3G Review

June 20, 2011 Bill Marr 2 reviews the FN SPR A3G 308, bolt action rifle. The FN SPR A3G is the flagship of the FN SPR line.  FN SPR rifles use a controlled round feed action with a cold hammer […]